digital home of Shakeil Greeley
Using design, strategy, and art to create a more equitable, open, and imaginative world.


digital home of shakeil greeley

Using design, strategy, and art to create a more equitable, open, and imaginative world.


In addition to my visual creative practice, I also write about music and culture. Some of my selected works can be found below.

Bop-Punk is a deliberate rejection of overly polished and produced feelings, and an embrace of the increasingly unstable world we’ve come to live in. — Bop-Punk Is Here to Stay

Lil Tracy Will Not Be Erased

“People say, ‘You’re too black.’ Then I come to America and they say, ‘You're not black enough.’ I go to Uganda, I can’t speak the language. In India, I’m black. In the black community, I’m dark-skinned. In America, I’m British.”— Daniel Kaluuya on Get Out

Kelela Is Thriving in an Unkind World

It's a small victory when police are still largely not being convicted when they kill unarmed civilians that black artists were the top five most-nominated artists for the 2017 Grammy Awards. —2016: The Best Year for Black Musicians Since Purple Rain

— Tainy breaks down the boldest hits of his career

“As of late, if I can’t say, “I love you,” to the person in some way, form, or fashion, nine times out of ten the music isn’t going to work.” —Navigating obstacles in education and the music industry

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah: The Air Jordan-Wearing, Migos-Listening Future of Jazz

“I just so badly wanted to feel natural. Like a breeze.”—Seinabo Sey on I’m a Dream

Joey Bada$$ Is Still All-American

“We want people to have a good time while listening, we want people to dance, to escape the insanity, the divisiveness, the narcissistic chaos.”—Shae Haley on N.E.R.D.’s new album

Chronixx Is the New Golden Boy of Reggae

“The term I like to use is ‘peaceful aggression.’ Defend yourself by any means, yes, but let's try to shake hands if we can, at this time.”—Ab Soul on “Evil Genius”

Knox Fortune Is Finally Making Music for Himself

Curtis Harding’s Psychedelic Soul

“So trust me 100 percent, I'll always be working like I could lose everything tomorrow, and that's always in the back of my head.”—Tyler, the Creator on The Jellies

Atlanta Robbin' Season Lets Hiro Murai Embrace the Weirdness of Real Life

“Mannie Fresh represents energy, a good time, a fun time. If you’re having a bad day, put on Mannie Fresh.”—Mannie Fresh on his production legacy

Adé Hakim on collaboration and finding originality through sampling